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Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
as that sounds, based on a legal technicality and a strict application of the law, it's true. they really could. in the classic 80s flick back to the future, michael j. fox has the luxury of going back in time of 30 years to be exact. can california governor jerry brown be trying to same feat? using the state code as his delorean. >> the state is the only one that can go back in time like back to the future and reset things. >> reporter: what santa clara mayor talking about? as part of his plan to patch a then $25 billion budget deficit, brown proposed dissolving redevelopment agencies in 2011. now, remember this date. january 10th, 2011. that's when brown unveiled the legislation. ab 1 x 26. sounds futuristic, doesn't it? the state is starting in 2011 redevelople agencies, quote, shall be unauthorized and shall not take certain actions that include the ability to pledge or encumber for any purpose any of its assets or revenues. closed quote. now fast forward six months. the governor signs the bill into law, applying it retroactively to january 1. but here's what happens in between. cities thro
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
an announcement monday or later next week. voters passed the law in 2008, banning gay marriage in california, but an appeals court in san francisco ruled that the law is unconstitutional. if the justices decide not to hear the case, same-sex marriages could begin immediately. attorney general harris has some hope the high court will take this case. >> certainly there's a school of thought that that might be in the best interest of the issue, to have it finally resolved before the united states supreme court. but of course the concern there would be whether the united states supreme court would actually make the right decision. >> ms. harris says her office is getting calls wondering how to proceed if the same-sex marriages are legalized again. >>> an unusual hearing today in a federal courtroom in sacramento. at issue, so-called gay conversion therapy. the state's new law banning licensed psychotherapists from practicing it on gay minors was challenged by four counselors and two parents. the parents claim their sons were helped by the therapy, which is intended to make gay people heterosexua
Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
makes a ruling on a controversial gun law here in the bay area. >>> also new research shows men with belly fat are more at risk of developing a serious condition. >>> and playing at the pump. a new pilot program involving lottery tickets. back in a moment. >>> no matter how much you love coffee would you pay $7 for a cup of joe? >> starbucks is rolling out a costly blend. this is quadruple what many people pay. if this catches on we may pay moren the future. let's bring you the coffee starbucks calls the premium blend. it costs $6 for the tall and $7 for the grande version. starbucks is testing it in northwest stores. you can buy a half pound bag for $40. >>> google buying. two days after several outlets fell for a false pr release. this merger is for real. google snagging incentive targeting. google also the object of a little bit of teasing today. this add from microsoft makes fun of google saying shoppers would be better served if they use the microsoft engine to find products. microsoft using humor to get in there, as well. we'll see if it works. we'll have the holiday guide
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3